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Our world is full of products, equipment and merchandise which is excess, unused, replaced, returned, out of season, traded in, off lease, blemished, out of spec, dented, wrecked, unsold
and sometimes just in the way.

Key Programs
  • Launching Non Cash Gift Management for your Nonprofit, AdTech Consulting 2009 Update details
  • Corporate Inventory Donations details    
  • National Vehicle Donation Program (NVDP) details 
  • Specialty Vehicle Donation Program (SVDP) details 

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AdTech provides training and support services for Nonprofit Organizations to effectively solicit corporate NonCash inventory donations. By converting a wide range of donated inventories into cash, your Nonprofit will be able to increase cash funding to your organization.

Inventories will be in the form of Consumer merchandise, Commercial products and materials or Industrial equipment and commodities.

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